MASS-FIX Provides Prognostic Information for Patients with Multiple Myeloma

MASS-FIX plays an important role in diagnosis and disease monitoring for patients with multiple myeloma (MM) and is more sensitive and specific than gel-based methods, but its role in determining prognosis is unknown.

Nadine Abdallah, MD and colleagues analyzed data from 155 patients for the first part of this study, which looked at those with a negative MASS-FIX with first-line treatment, and 203 patients for the second part of the study, which looked at patients who had positive MASS-FIX within 90 days from diagnosis.

They found that among patients who were MASS-FIX negative after first-line treatment an earlier conversion to positive MASS-FIX was an indicator of disease progression. Additionally, MASS-FIX positivity that persisted after treatment initiation predicted earlier disease progression.